Personal safety is a concern anywhere and at anytime but it does become more of a concern when living abroad. Without being fully aware of one's new surroundings, you may not be aware of new risks associated with your new home and the precautions needed to protect yourself and your property. These concerns vary by location, but in general, the main worries are associated with personal safety, sexual assault, protection of personal property, racial / religious hate crimes or bigotry and safety issues associated with driving (whether autos or bicycles).

One of your first tasks of adjusting to your new home is to become acquainted with new surroundings and the challenges it may present. You should be certain to check with your Advisor or Public Safety office to help in your safety assessment of your new home and to get safety tips. In addition, you may the following websites helpful. They identify common sense measures and can be adapted to any locale

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U Penn  

Oklahoma City, OK  

International Sites
You may find an international perspective of interest. Here are some samples from outside the U.S.


Secondly, an individual needs to be careful that the new independence or choices presented by their new living situation does not lead to negative behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse. These problems often lead to impaired judgement and unsafe behavior. Remain connected to your values & standards that have brought you to where you are today.

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