Conditions related to change in surroundings or situation affects the health of many international travelers or individuals living outside their home country. Changes in the level of stress related to the new surroundings, educational pressures, changes in diet or environmental factors such as heat/cold/pollen often lead to fatigue, headaches and stomachaches. This certainly applies to international students and scholars. In a past study it was shown that international students were far more susceptible to stomachaches, anxiety, chest pains, headaches, depression, and insomnia.

The three most successful methods of dealing with these issues are:

  Seek support from peers. There is comfort in realizing others are experiencing the same feelings or symptoms. You may also find that their lifestyles or habits are more in keeping with what you are accustomed.

  Share your experiences with your organization or institution's counseling staff. They deal with these concerns daily and will have positive suggestions.

  If you are a student and have a Health Services available, utilize your Health Services! They are more familiar with the concerns and conditions of international students. If not, find a health care provider that has experience in treating international visitors and is sensitive to your cultural needs

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